Holiday Info

Our holiday concert is Wednesday, December 5th, with a snow date of December 6th. Students should plan to arrive by 6:30, concert will begin at 7:00, with some pre-concert carols by our Christmas Winds ensemble. Concert attire is White dress shirt, black dress bottom and black shoes. Ties optional.

Rehearsal schedule the next couple weeks will be a bit crazy. Band/chorus will be split Monday and Wednesday, full chorus Tuesday, full band Thursday, then go back to normal. Chorus will be having combined rehearsals during period 1 on Friday 11/30 and Monday 12/3. Band will be during periods 1 and 3 on Tuesday 12/4. Practice/cut (points of attack) list has been posted for grade 7/8 band.

Happy holidays!


Week 10 – Band

Another successful PSS Halloween Parade! This week is our end of the quarter Music Share. Each student should be prepared to play a short 1-2 minute excerpt of something they’ve been practicing and provide positive feedback for other performers in class. This can be scales/exercises, book songs, band music, or anything they find that’s of interest to them!